• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

The armed forces of Ukraine have successfully stopped another attack by Russian tanks. The Ukrainian military says that it killed …


24 thoughts on “BOOM!!! Russian Tank Column SMASHED with Ukrainian Artillery”
  1. "Never forget who is the real threat to the world."
    List of countries that bombed/attacked the USA after World War II:
    Korea and China (1950-53)
    Guatemala (1954)
    Indonesia (1958)
    Cuba (1959-61)
    Guatemala (1960)
    Congo (1964)
    Laos (1964-73)
    Vietnam (1961-73)
    Cambodia (1969-70)
    Guatemala (1967-69)
    Grenada (1983)
    Lebanon (1983,1984)
    Libya (1986)
    El Salvador (1980s)
    Nicaragua (1980s)
    Iran (1987)
    Panama (1989)
    Iraq (1991)
    Kuwait (1991)
    Somalia (1993)
    Bosnia (1994, 1995)
    Sudan (1998)
    Afghanistan (1998)
    Yugoslavia (1999)
    Yemen (2002)
    Iraq (1991-2003)
    Iraq (2003-2015)
    Afghanistan (2001-2015)
    Pakistan (2007-2015)
    Somalia (2007, 2008, 2011)
    Yemen (2009, 2011)
    Libya (2011, 2015)
    Syria (2014-2015)

  2. If the nazî dictator putin is using the ukrainian power plant of zhaporijia as a shield and damage it then ukrainian defenders must destroy a russian power plant too in Russia to revenge.

    Eye to eye , one ukrainian power plant destroyed mean one russian power plant destroyed too , it's not difficult to understand , but at the end this situation will lead to a NUCLEAR WAR and the evil and bloody country named Russia will be destroyed according to Bible's prophecies.

  3. Ukraine artillery division seems to be bar none. The seem to be very accurate. This is good more accurate you are the less ammo you go through. Something Russia needs to learn. They still fight ww2 style.

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