• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

After 15 months of the ongoing war in Ukraine, Bakhmut the embattled Eastern Ukrainian city has fallen. The claim was made by …


23 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine War: Putin congratulates Russian Army and Wagner on 'Bakhmut success' | WION”
  1. I am sure that this is a Russian lie, the Russians are trying to justify the losses they suffered in the battles for the city; Bahamut has become a trap for the Russian army because Russia has lost so many resources in this city that it has lost the opportunity to advance in other areas, it has played for the benefit of the army of Ukraine

  2. One war criminal congratulating another war criminal, what a sight. Ukrainian people's resilience combined with our modern weaponry are instrumental in stopping russian occupants. This is why I think we should provide even more weapons and equipment if we want this war to be over as soon as possible.

  3. Ukraine needs as many weapons as possible to win, preferably as soon as possible. There is nothing left to procrastinate, it is time to send weapons.

  4. The devastated look of the southeastern part of Ukraine has resulted in complete ruins. The military condition in Donbas is progressively deteriorating, posing grave challenges. Putin is deploying a significant number of his forces to tackle this crisis. The tactics employed by the Kremlin mirror those of terrorists. The Russian army and the Wagner PMC are facing shortages in their supplies.

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