• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: “Severe Nuclear Accident” Fear Grips Zaporizhzhia | Vantage with Palki Sharma A dangerous situation is …


19 thoughts on “Russia Ukraine War: “Severe Nuclear Accident” Fear Grips Zaporizhzhia | Vantage with Palki Sharma”
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  2. The nuclear watch dog of the UN is the fox in charge of the chicken house. The same organization that thinks it’s ok for Ukraine to shell the plant on purpose and lays cover for the bombardment with politically compromised phony inspectors who refused to do their job when Russia invited them to inspect. Now we are supposed to believe what the UN has to say about what is going on there? I just don’t know why you have to spread nonsense. We are expected to believe that Russia is endangering territory that they control with deadly radiation? This is absolutely ridiculous

  3. No doubt that the situation is dire and very dangerous, however I have zero confidence in anything that the IAEA has to say. They have little credibility.

  4. More like there making excuses for the dirty bomb there going to use and blame Russia for it but we the people know it’s nato and the usa just like we know there are no more Ukraine fighters left it’s nato

  5. You better get your facts straight that was not an accident Putin knew where that stuff was he knows everything that is going on his spies are everywhere even in the Ukraine government otherwise he wouldn't have been able to do a precise to the m bombing of them Munitions plants

  6. I say destroy Ukraine Mr Putin this is Joe Biden and Ukraine and NATO and un trying to take over the world they want Russia first if they get Russia then it will be the united states next if Russia doesn't stop Joe Biden then we will to protect our constitutional rights we the american people will pickup our arms and protect our constitutional rights so I'm and NATO and Joe Biden better watch what they are asking for cause we will rise up

  7. [Younger Self]: Why do people watch the news?

    [Older Self]: To find out what’s going on.

    [Younger Self]: Why do people feel the need to find out what is going on?

    [Older Self]: To be informed of anything that is relevant to their daily existence.

    [Younger Self]: Are people finding out if anything is relevant to their daily existence?

    [Older Self]: No, people are not finding out, that's why they are still watching the news.

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