• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
17 thoughts on “The Russians Accidentally Destroyed Their Own City With A Missile Of Unknown Origin!”
  1. I think that the Divinci Wolves are awesome, that Putin won't surrender and will have to be removed before peace will be possible.
    I also think that you need help with the subtitles, some words, place & people's names etc have been spelled badly wrong to the point where its hard to understand what your talking about ! Your punctuation needs work too.

  2. No one can assure the attacks to russia are promoted by Ukraine but one thing everyone is sure is that the invasion and destruccion of Ukraine have been caused by russia

  3. Accordingly to Kremlin the jet that accidentally was faulty but putin cut of his prick for fear the next time the same pilot will drop on Kremlin because the air defence also failty

  4. The pilot who bomb his own thing great Russia has been executed by princess putin who cut n eat his banana in order to live another day.

  5. Real n feerless walked on the streets of Kyiv despite the sound of siren. Coward putin sneaked into his own annexed land under the cover of darkness despite the calmness of night. The FIFFERENCE

  6. I wish Elon Musk would somehow break through the cyber and internet block Russia has and fill all Russians with the truth.
    Most russians still think they are winning, minimal casualties, and the only war crimes are committed by the Ukrainians.
    Once they find out Exactly whats going on there, they are gonna flip out and burn down the Kremlin.

  7. Time for someone to take Putin Huilo out. Now every country tries to please Putin, giving territory of a sovereign country to him, fuck no, he won't stop in Ukraine.

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