• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Ukraine war: Debunking propaganda and fakes | DW News

As the war in Ukraine continues, thousands of fakes and false claims are circulating. Staged attacks, old pictures reused and …


19 thoughts on “Ukraine war: Debunking propaganda and fakes | DW News”
  1. Hope Europe one day will open their eyes on Ukrainian fakes and lies. Stop support Ukraine and stop this war. Lot's of innocent people died since 2014.

  2. What we need to remember is what people want to hear and what people want to belief then there is everything else.

    The truth means responsibility and that is why everyone dreads it.

  3. One thing for sure! That at some point in the future we will find out the truth because we've been lied to so many times in the past that it's best to not believe anything that we see in the news

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