• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Ukrainian soldiers storm Russian-held ‘Cyclops’ trench in terrifying assault footage near Bakhmut: The K2 Battalion …


29 thoughts on “Ukrainian soldiers storm Russian-held 'Cyclops' trench in terrifying assault footage near Bakhmut”
  1. удобно выдавать свои позиции за наши , ведь даже форма не видна с такой высоты , к тому же как известно Украинцы почти не видут обстрелы артилерией , украинцы больше предпочитают активный стиль боя

  2. К сожалению всех этих ребят с обоих сторон уже нет в живых. Поздравляю с победой, Бахмут теперь принадлежит России!

  3. I have won 83rd time chicken dinner on Pubg with 724 hours total gameplay, most of cause of use of drone, communicate with my team. Communication and spot the enemy is the key to win.

  4. it doesn't add up, you flood us daily with all this Ukrainian bravado.. but the truth is different on the ground.. its either Russia is using supernatural means to win or western superiority has all along been over rated .. fact is western media is garbage

  5. Imagine you are dying on the battlefield and people watching you from their beds and commenting which side should win but you are just stuck between war and forced to do or die on battlefield

  6. Something is wrong with these Russians……………….something doesn't make sense if i was in the trance everyone one of those Ukraine soldiers would have been dead it would have caused my life. But these Russians something is really wrong with them they don't seem to have fright in them

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