• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Footage dramatic Ukrainian drone operator drop bombs destroy 470 Russian troops in trench Bakhmut #ukraine #ukrainewar …


14 thoughts on “Footage dramatic!! Ukrainian drone operator drop bombs destroy 470 Russian troops in trench Bakhmut”
  1. Доброго времени суток, я с Украины. С большим удовольствием посмотрел видео, а потом ещё с большим удовольствием прочитал комментарии. Спасибо за поддержку!!! Прошлой весной мне довелось повоевать за свою страну. И тогда у орков было преимущество в дронах. И это было очень плохо, они наводили по нам огонь. Я рад что сейчас ситуация поменялась. Этих тварей в мою страну никто не звал. Я никогда не думал что мне придётся взять оружие и воевать.

  2. The Recorded Drone-Attacks are very cinematic-and-educational for the Russian Public about the Sad Condition/s of their Russian Soldiers – who are dying uselessly for Madman Putin and his Gang.

  3. Ukraine must maximise the use of Drones because Russians have "Not formed Effective Defense against Drones". Ukraine Drone-Attacks will automatically confuse the Ground Command of the Russian Forces – and; eventually make easy for the Advancing Ukraine Infantry to sweep the "Confused Russian Infantry". GOD bless the NATO-US-UN-Ukraine Forces and the Truth Seekers.

  4. Can't follow the narration because the loud, annoying "music" is so irritating. I had to stop after 3 minutes in order to preserve my sanity. Why did I start watching this video, you may ask. Your answer must have been because of the "music", not the content. Since I don't share that reason, then after noting the name of the site (to avoid watching future "music" videos) I hit the thumbs down button.

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