• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Ukrainian drones drop grenades blows up dozens Russian Soldier in foxholes. These videos show Ukrainian drones dropping …


31 thoughts on “Horrible Footage!! Ukrainian drones drop grenades blows up dozens Russian Soldier in foxholes”
  1. The best soldiers in the world but they will be even better with warmer weather in July.
    The Russians won't get any better so the Ukraine will kick ass this summer.
    Black Bridge is gonna BBQ Russia this summer so pack some hotdogs and buns for that Festival of the nights.

  2. when will ukraine drop one as payback on the kremlin or on putin's palace? they have the tech to do so. 1yr+ of holding their ground is 5 stars

  3. Why are the videos so bad. Or more correctly the editing??? You can see sequences where 3-4 drops are made and the payload are still in the air when you cut to the next drop. I can drop thing in my own house, that is not interesting. Show the drop and the explosion. And it's like a kid who just found out about zoom, dropping the grenade and then zomming in and out so you can barely see what happens. Have you just filmed this in your own back yard?? Take it more seriously as some of us want to see the video in full.

  4. Can't say I feel bad about what happens to the Russians. I just think that if the Russian thought that was bad attacking Ukraine, what would it be like to attack the US? Suicide!

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