• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

A Strategic Analysis of the Russo-Ukraine War | Richard Iron CMG OBE


May 28, 2023

The Russo-Ukraine War is the bloodiest, most extensive and most dangerous war of our time. It has now been fourteen months …


16 thoughts on “A Strategic Analysis of the Russo-Ukraine War | Richard Iron CMG OBE”
  1. When the Soviets collapsed in 1989-91 the world stepped up to help them and took our money and put another tyrant in place who took away their rights, plundered their economy and started threatening Europe again…. the Russian people don't have what it takes to govern themselves, they like being inslaved.

  2. This is a fairly large load of shit. I don’t remember ever seeing or reading anywhere of some massive Russian winter offensive. Historically this part of the world fighting slows over winter

  3. This bloke (Iron) seems to be knowledgeable but is unable to look at the actual situation with any degree of statistical awareness in the real world. His assesment of casualities and depletion of Ukraines reserves doesnt bear comparison with real events. Thank goodness hes retired, he must have been highly dangerous when in command…..I cant see him making a tactical decision other than a defensive one. Dont listen to him!

  4. Dear People of the World,
    Almighty God has prohibited all of us,
    to take someone by force.

    To prevent our bad habit of taking someone by force.

    Almighty God has created
    No 1.
    Liberal Democratic States to the World.

    No 2 .
    Almighty God has created,

    United Nations Organizationto the World.

    No 3 .
    Almighty God ,
    Has created,
    NATO to protect liberal-democratic states

    Almighty God  
    Will defeat those who use coercion,

    Our habit of coercion has been abandoned forever.

    Let's live in a peaceful, happy, and honest liberal democratic world.
    God bless
    you all.

  5. The question isn’t whether the Russians are bad people, we already know this. The focus and question should be on whether the Ukrainians are good people and deserve western support. Will we end up with buyers remorse?

  6. Globalist totalitarians want to get rid of nationalist Putin but this is a fatal mistake as it will release the devil. Globalist fatal flaw is they are so arrogant that they think they know everything and control everything. They don’t.

  7. Yep , I must reiterate Perun is the most trustworthy , and insightful source of information on this topic . I would just like to add , if as you suggest , Russia hopes to wait out the U.S.'s attention span like Afganistan , they spent twenty years there . Even putin can't last that long . (edit) Further , sanctions are a farce ; they are the cowards way to been seen to do something while lacking the political will to do anything .

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