• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

ukrainewar #ukrainerussia #ukraine Ukraine has requested American Mk.20 Rockeye II anti-tank cluster bombs. One 500-pound …


37 thoughts on “Ukrainian Drone, Use Mk.20 Rockeye II anti-tank cluster bombs, destroying Russian tank & Soldiers”
  1. The unexplainable but known truth in this war is that Russia invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine. In doing so, Russia has essentially destroyed at least 50+ cities, towns, and communities while murdering, maiming, injuring and rendering homeless 100s of thousands of civilians in the process. Yet, Ukraine is being told by both the United States, Great Britian, and NATO that they cannot do the same to Russia. I fully understand that those countries do not want the war to expand to include other countries. But, on the other hand, Russia is systematically destroying the country of Ukraine while Ukraine is being held in restraint from responding in kind. A scenario, which in my opinion, is not fair nor is the way wars are fought. Victory to Ukraine.

  2. Nothing like blowing up an already blown up vehicle for a youtube video. Nobody leaves a running vehicle with all of it hatches and doors open unless the vehicle is damaged beyond repair. These video's are shit.

  3. I do not see the connection between small ammunition used with drones and aviation free-fallen cassette bombs that can be used only by heavy planes. Ukraine does not that kind of aviation. Only artillery and small drones are used on a battle field at this point, as far it is known.

  4. Regardless of claims made by CBU manufacturers that they "go inert" in time, experience has shown that nowhere near 100 per cent of these munitions do so. Thus, future generations of unsuspecting Ukrainians – children in particular – face the threat of stumbling across these heinous weapons.

  5. This is a fantastic idea to me! Breaking them down, and using them individually to drop from drones should be very effective. Just thinking back though, can you imagine if the Ukrainian forces had the anti-tank cluster bombs when, early in the war, the Russian army had hundreds of tanks lined up for days outside of Kiev? Unfortunately, the Ukrainian forces didn’t have anything, at the time, to destroy them. If they had, this war may have ended, before it got started very good.

  6. From the very beginning the idea of using little drones for observation and then dropping small bombs is 100% brilliant!
    It's simple, effective, cheap, and nearly impossible to stop.
    Just observing is more than enough to help by directing artillery to precise locations.
    The Ukrainians are amazing in thinking 'outside the box' and using unusual tactics.
    We all say Bravo!

  7. I hope they get sent. They would help out alot plus we aren't using them anyways and they are going to be destroyed anyways so why not send them to help another country and it wouldn't cost us our newer stocks

  8. If Ukraine wants to use Cluster munitions in their OWN TERRITORY, everyone should be just fine with that. Well except the ORCS. The ATACMS cluster variant could be "disassembled" by Ukraine FOR FREE on Russian trenches. This would be far cheaper than paying technician's in the U.S. to dismantle them. A mere 20 of these could punch through any of the Russian defense lines instantly. Hell, drop one, then drop leaflets saying "Next one is on you". Watch the ORCS run.

  9. I dont think Russia has enough tanks left to make supplying them the cluster bombs to get rid of them a viable economic decision but when only 2 or 3 of these could potentially (conservatively) remove 500 tanks from the battle field it would be a remarkably useful tool to add to the drone arsenal

  10. They shuld be dissasembled in Ukraine since the easiest and safest way to transport the bomblets is inside the casing. But it is as simple as not sending along the fuse (tip) for the casings. They will then be impossible to use as cluster bombs. The fuses are likely not mountend in the casings during transport anyway.

  11. These weapon systems were designed and manufactured to defeat the Russians – let these weapon systems fulfill their missions – these systems are just sitting around costing money – in Ukraine these systems will save Ukrainian lives – they go from zeros to freaking heroes – send all of our banned weapons to Ukraine to fulfill their missions – this is war – a war a super power forced on a small nation they thought was defenseless

  12. ( provide them with the tool they will do the job)
    to take that cluster bomb apart and use the munition individually is a smart way of doing things, yes they need to keep a few handy in case of multiple tank attacks but know it's one tank coming down and followed by another 100 to 200 yards away which makes the bomb not effective at all, they are also using the grenade launcher belts taking out the grenades and using them on drones after a slight modification and adding fins to them made by a home use 3d printer, so its a better way in the current battle is to have something that the drone can drop, in the last 14 month not one factory in the west converted to making drop grenades ????? to be used with drones how much time do they need just order your munition suppliers to come up with a fast solution no need for sub-communities and meeting and more meeting then approvals then testing then out for bid all that rubish has to be put a side and move on to fast production, and stop the non sones that is going on provide them with the tool they will do the job
    (надайте їм інструмент, яким вони виконають роботу)

    розібрати цю касетну бомбу та використати боєприпаси окремо – це розумний спосіб діяти, так, їм потрібно мати кілька під рукою на випадок кількох танкових атак, але знайте, що один танк падає, а за ним інший на 100-200 ярдів, що робить бомбу зовсім неефективною, вони також використовують ремені для гранатометів, виймаючи гранати та застосовуючи їх на безпілотниках після невеликої модифікації та додавання до них плавників, зроблених на домашньому 3D-принтері, тому це кращий спосіб у поточному битва полягає в тому, щоб мати щось, що дрон може скинути, за останні 14 місяців жодна фабрика на заході не була перетворена на виготовлення гранат????? для використання з безпілотниками, скільки часу їм потрібно, просто накажіть своїм постачальникам боєприпасів знайти швидке рішення, немає потреби в суб-спільнотах і нарадах, і більше зустрічей, потім схвалення, потім випробування, а потім тендер, весь цей сміття потрібно поставити і перейти до швидкого виробництва, і зупинити тих, хто зараз діє, надати їм інструмент, який вони виконають

    (nadayte yim instrument, yakym vony vykonayutʹ robotu)

    rozibraty tsyu kasetnu bombu ta vykorystaty boyeprypasy okremo – tse rozumnyy sposib diyaty, tak, yim potribno maty kilʹka pid rukoyu na vypadok kilʹkokh tankovykh atak, ale znayte, shcho odyn tank padaye, a za nym inshyy na 100-200 yardiv, shcho robytʹ bombu zovsim neefektyvnoyu, vony takozh vykorystovuyutʹ remeni dlya hranatometiv, vyymayuchy hranaty ta zastosovuyuchy yikh na bezpilotnykakh pislya nevelykoyi modyfikatsiyi ta dodavannya do nykh plavnykiv, zroblenykh na domashnʹomu 3D-prynteri, tomu tse krashchyy sposib u potochnomu bytva polyahaye v tomu, shchob maty shchosʹ, shcho dron mozhe skynuty, za ostanni 14 misyatsiv zhodna fabryka na zakhodi ne bula peretvorena na vyhotovlennya hranat????? dlya vykorystannya z bezpilotnykamy, skilʹky chasu yim potribno, prosto nakazhitʹ svoyim postachalʹnykam boyeprypasiv znayty shvydke rishennya, nemaye potreby v sub-spilʹnotakh i naradakh, i bilʹshe zustrichey, potim skhvalennya, potim vyprobuvannya, a potim tender, vesʹ tsey smittya potribno postavyty i pereyty do shvydkoho vyrobnytstva, i zupynyty tykh, khto zaraz diye, nadaty yim instrument, yakyy vony vykonayutʹ

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