• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Russian continues it’s offensives on multiple fronts: Marinka region of the Donetsk Front, Avdiivka Front, Bakhmut Front, Siversk …


26 thoughts on “WAGNER ROUTED UKR IN CENTER BAKHMUT – 70km super trench line [ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 407-408 (6-7/4)”
  1. UAU……victory. Router on a 2km line and cant go ahead!!!! What really scary me is that some youtubers don't think that we are all stupid, instead they are sure that we are stupid.

  2. as former Military …..strategically bakhmut has fallen…tactically as these maps are shown there is still fighting but there will be no offensive anymore in bakhmut from the ukies they are done…remember in the military we use percentages of effectivnesfor army units…you dont have to kill everyone for a unit to be deemed ineffective…….its based on many factors…..but command goes by these percentages to re adjust forces……Like if you have a unit in a football stadium they are insignificant to most units who continue on…rear echelon forces will engage them…they are a non game changer……..

  3. TOS are devastating, but not demoralizing. Air strikes are demoralizing, according to Ukrainian trench troops. I bet they'd rather get a sudden, silent TOS strike that vaporizes everything, than hearing jets flying overhead.

  4. If Russia/Wagner can completely take Bakhmut before the projected major Ukrainian offensive it will be very demoralizing on the Ukronazi forces as well as make the west less eager to supply weapons, ammunition and money to Zelensky.

  5. Slava DPANI! The Depleted Uranium Shovels musical group appear to be wreaking untold emotional damage in Bakhmut…the parallel universe of the pro Ukr side must be wailing and gnashing their teeth in deep cups of copium.

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