• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a Russian military large-scale invasion continues. Ukrainian forces destroyed …


21 thoughts on “Horrible footage! Ukrainian forces destroyed Russian Tanks troops use Javelin missiles”
  1. Beautiful I love how some idiot westerners will say Russia was pushed into invading Ukraine in 2022 because Ukraine had soldiers massed along it’s border w Russia. Forgetting that Russia started the war by invading Ukraine in 2014 and taking Ukraines most valuable piece of land Crimea. Then used Wagner group to wage war on Ukraine as “Russian Separatists” for the next 8 years before Russia itself got involved and waged war in 2022. Which in reality never stopped since the initial invasion in 2014 when obummer was still prezi.

  2. The people of Russia need to rise up on this shitbag of a leader and take that motherf’er over . End this pointless fight! Ukraine will not give up and Russia’s military will keep sustaining huge losses .

  3. All these people dying because of one tool. Don't like Zelensky either. Something don't seem right with him. Wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Or any other leader. They're all corrupt, power crazy ar5e wipes.

  4. Russia is learning the hard way that taking over someone else's home isn't easy. Ignoring the fact that Russia has far more manpower, Russia is getting its ass kicked.

  5. If the Ukrainian troops are doing so well and are on the offensive, why is their leader kissing the asses of other world leaders for arms and money?

  6. These are people, young men and women with dads and mums and children and relatives and friends. Their lives are tragically changed forever. They lose love ones. This is tragic waste and lessons of all those horrible 20th Century wars has not been learnt. Is not the human race smarter than this..killing it's own? This is not a play video games. Stop the death, stop the war we want peace on this planet in 2023. The politicians and beaurcrats can all get together, meet on a nice sunny sandy beach, put some board shorts on, have a beach bbq and solve the problem. I always like that scene in M*A*S*H when Hawkeye turnes up at a peace negotiation between NATO and North Korea and lectures them on how to say… 'HOWDY'. Being nice to each other is easier and cheaper than war. So why not have Christmas together.

  7. This is pretty much a javelin promo video lol, complete clickbait. Goes from a T72 and BTR 80 to a complete different video of a BMP 3.

  8. From 30 sec, it's a T-72 or T-80 tank, and on 33 sec it's a BMP or BDRM. You say like it's the same vericle we are seening all the time. 39 sec it's the same T-72 or T-80 that have been hit in the first seconds of the video ! Know your armored vericles !

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