• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Finally: NATO’s Deadliest Self-Propelled Artillery Arrives in Ukraine. With the Russian and Ukrainian war continuing to inflict …


21 thoughts on “Finally: NATO's Deadliest Self-Propelled Artillery Arrives in Ukraine”
  1. Hmm. If the Archer is so great why didn't Norway buy it? Do any nation but Sweden have them? If this system is so great why don't any other country want it? To expensive or not good enough?

  2. I just came across this video 6 mo since its introduction. I've NOT heard of any results from these Archer system Ukraine was getting according to the vid.
    How many Archers are known to have been delivered to Ukraine's front lines, and how have they done in Ukrainian combat conditions?

  3. Looks like NATO is now close to success using ukraine in invading russia in no time now. poor russia getting hard time defending right in their doorstep.

  4. An important aspect has not been reported in this video, and that is the cost. HIMARS have similar capabilities but cost between US$40.000 to US$120.000 per round. To spend 120k to kill 8 Wagnerites does not make sense. What is the cost of a round with this Swedish system?

  5. With any major equipment such as the Archer Howitzer I would hope it would Get some protection against drone attacks. Whether it's from The avenger defense system or the Rheinmetall Skynex machine guns Gephardt system.

  6. Now if only we had kept the old remaining Bandkanon1's in operating condition, those could have been a decent stopgap to send with 18 155mm shells per minute out of a 14 round magazine that can be reloaded in 2 minutes… (but a short range of only 25km)

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