• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

The M982 Excalibur (previously XM982) is a 155 mm extended-range guided artillery shell developed in a collaborative effort …


9 thoughts on “Mighty Excalibur: Game Changing Artillery in Ukraine”
  1. I really hope Europe soon find their backbone and start standing up for common sense and integrity.
    but I also gotta admit Im impressed by America, I was very sure that Biden was not the right person to have in charge when dealing potently with an idiology driven lunatic like Putin when invading Europe and I reckoned that Trump actually would be better.
    But its mindbogling to see republican radical sources excusing Putins crimes against humanity and even supporting Putins horrors, simply out of pure spite likely in some depserate pursue to chase regional power and being oppesit, no matter who & what you jump into bed with..
    IMO' then you dont have any integrity whatsoever if you willing to excuse and simply look the other way, all down to psynic regional interrest in the chase for power = coins.
    A huge wakup call for me, in general about the republican party in US….. sure like most oft he western world I also saw ow rancid the democratic party was alongside the massmedia with the anarchy-riots and the complete lack of backbone, no matter how extreme and how many who was killed, and literally how huge mobs in paramiltary clothing ransacked neighboorhoods, looking for people that aint "loyal".. almost like we were a century back to under the red week in Italy.
    The republican party and the vocal hatepreaching trendsetters there, – is just as rancid, what a display of limpy proportions they been synonym with under the horrors in Europe / Ukraine and its obvious for all, there aint anybody this backland wouldnt jump into bed with, if it could suit their interrests andthe hypocirsy chase for power, and
    Kudos to America ❤ for being the backbone & character for the western free world, and not least on this horror of an invasive-Putin-war that is tumbling europe and gladly we in Europe are finally starting to act and found our balls and helping to push russia back..
    cheers from Denmark.

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