• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Uranium depleted ammunition: Will it escalate the war in Ukraine? | DW News

Britain on Thursday beacme the first country to start supplying Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles, which allow Ukrainian …


26 thoughts on “Uranium depleted ammunition: Will it escalate the war in Ukraine? | DW News”
  1. supplying depleted uranium to ukraine according to the west is justified…russia positioning nuclear weapons to belarus is not justified…is not justified….according to western hypocrites..los

  2. Curses on anyone sending poison and then extra special curses on anyone sending it and then bragging about it. Almost like them European are trying to hurt civilians on purpose. Just like that pipeline they bombed.

  3. Using depleted uranium in war is a crime against humanity. It’s sad that many ordinary Ukrainians and Russians people will bear the unfortunate consequences

  4. The British wanted to contaminate the Donbass with DU but it now it seems that is the fate of Western Ukraine and now even Eastern Poland is concerned. This was an incredibly reckless thing for the British to do and why would Ukrainian leaders allow it if they cared about their country. DU kills. Look at Serbia. Highest cancer rates in Europe.

  5. Russia destroyed one of the store with depleted Uranium ammunition in 13 of may in Ternopol (Ukraine) wich UK sent in Ukraine before. Radiation level already rised considerably in surounding areas and cloud with radiactive dust moved north-west direction after that reaching Poland.

  6. When depleted uranium rounds are Used , And the armor burns which it will The atomic elements are micronized into the air Dispersed and can be inhaled , They're used absolutely elevates the probability of developing various forms of cancer Even though it is lower level radiation

  7. Extraordinarily bad idea to pour gasoline on a raging fire. Russia will view this as an escalation and I am sure there is a lot of concern in the UK about all the additional Ukrainian casualties.

  8. Why is Russia hesitant to strike at the Kiev and bring this war to an end, this is how you defeat an enemy, kill the head and the body will fall.

  9. Hahaha russia already destroyed your little DU shells in 2 depots. They were too scared to put human firefighters and used robots. Why?? Because the radioactivity cause by the so cslled harmless DU shells

  10. Why is the media not reporting that much of the depleted uranium munitions have ALREADY been destroyed by missle strikes of the depots where they were being stored?

  11. These are the uranium shells that have just been destroyed along with the warehouse in western Ukraine. The level of radiation is increased, fire robots are extinguishing the fire, the consequences for Europe are not predictable – "these shells are safe"

  12. Nuke kyiv and another Ukranian city. Neither side is gonna stop the escalation till there is a shock and a realisation that this is real. We need an example/a reminder!

  13. which makes UK and Usa legitimate targets dont you think in war for survival when other side gives small tactical long range nukes all you can do is to kill supply

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