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UnCommon Core: The Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine Crisis John J. Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison …


38 thoughts on “Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer”
  1. Let out ukraine it s not interesting for you…algeria is better petrol gaz…une menace pour l occident des missiles russes pointes vers l europe…

  2. Its centuries war of Ukrainians with Russian for reasons everybody knows. Germany and Russia heavily depends on Ukrainian history as Ukraine is their origin. Ukrainian people are very grateful to USA to support and help Ukraine in this war.

  3. Because of USA and EU the whole world is suffering from long long depression. They forced Ukraine to participate in NATO and then Russia invaded the Ukraine.
    The change in geopolitical condition then has lead a great depression all over the world due to great disruption in supply demand chain

  4. Because it isn't. The problem in Ukraine is Muscovite imperialism. Like Mersheimer you might just accept that imperialism and appease it. Or you might resist it. That's what we're doing in Ukraine.

  5. It's sad to witness seemingly intelligent people saying absolutely idiotic stuff, which they have no idea about! About 20 years ago my friend dropped an idea in a conversation that China poses threat to the global security. I said no, it is russia which will cause a real threat. Without any deep and personal knowledge of the russian mentality, that Dr's analysis is laughable, if noy harmful, because it suits the kremlin, itself.

  6. firstly, he presents Russia's perspective brilliantly. but secondly, damn we've done amazingly well.. it seems like we're on a trajectory to a very desirable future

  7. The Americans have exploited Germany's WW2 history and used it to effectively cudgel its politicians who are still made to cower in the self-perceived shadow of Hitler. Time to let bygones be bygones. How many more humiliations must the German people be made to endure (e.g. Nordstream II terrorism, US troops occupying their land. etc.) before they are pushed to reject the politics of submission and fealty to the rapidly declining American Empire and elect a new strongly nationalist leader. Perhaps it may well work out for them ….the second time round.

  8. 13:18 Democracy has to be an organic social-cultural evolution for the state in question. Skip steps and install Western back poly-archy Democracy; you get exploitation from transnational corporations- resources and laborers. In turn, it creates instability.////40:35 hmm, Mearsheimer offers valuable insight as a realist. However, his assessment of China is dated.

  9. most ppl from countries that are in the neighborhood of Russia are aware of Russian's historical approach, considering this, we have hard time to imagine, that war in Ukraine is someone's fault other than Russia.

  10. Hey there. Watching this 5/26/2023. So the war happened. Vladimir Putin is the main cause as he is trying to create a Greater Russia via annexing of Ukraine and the Baltic states. Putin's own words. The war is going terrible yet he keeps on escalating and forcing drafts instead of going for any sort of settlement. He is acting crazy and irrational. Also his troops appear to be engaging in ethnic genocide's like the Nazis did. So Putin is behaving like Hitler. That's all four points you said were bunk and why the war wouldn't happen actually being the cause and function of the war.

  11. I am of Russian origin and really astonished that such an information comes to light after western countries influence their information and ban the others which are to their opposite. Nobody speak about the roots of the war! To avoid the wars in the future we need think more about the causes of the problem! This war could have been avoided by dropping the egoism and listen more to each others concerns. All this needed to be understood by the governor’s of all parties involved in that mess.

  12. Now we see that East Ukraine wants to live separatly from West Ukraine, mostly. And the basic mistake of the Collective West has always been the thought that Russia acts like them, by expansional way, but not, Russia has never acted like this. If we fight for something, we fight only for our safety and our life.

  13. This man is literally ignoring the fact that russia planned this war back in 2000s by promoting hate speach to ukraine nation and culture. Completely ignoring russia's imperialistic nature.
    Completely ignoring the fact that putin is a war crimminal.
    I don't even want to continue, because clever people just get it and the ones who's vulnerable to russian propaganda (on which they spend billions a year to spread misinformation) just won't

  14. Impressive given that this was 7 years ago. I can understand some of the dilemma’s put forward on US and EU geopolitical acting. However the lecture is almost completely ignoring the fascist and kleptocratic DNA of the Russian leadership and elite. I also miss the notion that there actually were many people in Ukraine that wanted to modernize and get rid of post-soviet kleptocracy. Russia has created many semi-frozen divide-and-conquer conflicts. Where Russia appears, destruction, chaos and feudal dependence rule. Moreover, Putin was running out of time as his oil & gas leverage was going to reduce with the EU energy transition gaining traction and his own health deteriorating.

    Russian leadership is only sensitive to very strong portions of their own medicine (a hard punch in the face). I can think about some things that the US and Europe could have done differently (especially in the mid 90's), but overall this clash seemed more or less inevitable to me. Many empires demise slowly and even gracefully, but some go down with a bang. Especially if adapting to new realities is considered off the table.

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