• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Top-secret Pentagon documents leaked online have provided some painfully detailed accounts of Ukraine’s military capabilities– …


23 thoughts on “Pentagon Leaks: How does the US really see the war in Ukraine? | To the Point”
  1. Remember your SOIUL is a recorder of your life. Everything your eyes see, everything your ears hear, everything you speak and everything you eat is all recorded and revealed on judgement day

  2. “Respect sovereignty, respect international law, …" Which int'l law were the US and its NATO allies respecting when they invaded countries at their will?

  3. Europe's lack of strength is evident, and Putin is aware of this. Aligning Putin's agenda would be a grave mistake. Putin has established boundaries for the international community, while Europe has taken a lenient stance towards Russia. Had it not been for the resilience and intelligence of the Ukrainians, Putin would have achieved victory from the outset, and Europe would have faced more significant threats on its borders. Jens Stoltenberg should recognize that negotiating with a war criminal responsible for genocide can never yield a genuine agreement. Putin has consistently failed to honor his commitments. Clearly, Europe tends to make grand promises but needs to deliver on them. In conclusion, Europe's tendency to overpromise and underdeliver is a significant concern.

  4. 1) The Ukrainians themselves understand these weak points themselves very clearly: no wonder they are asking, what am I saying begging for F 16's. And the number of Patriots and HIMARS rockets is of course not sufficient to keep the country going the next 1, 2, 3…. years ?
    2) Yes, China… That is becoming more and more an issue, but it still isn't taken sufficiently serious yet. The Chips & Sciences act was one good step, but it still will take years before the dependency of Taiwan will be sufficiently reduced. Just red Bob Woodward's Fear: did you know 95 % of the anti-biotics including Peniciline the US uses are produced in China… Isn't that a Red Flag bigger than the official PRC-flag ??? Hello World…. Way-key-way-keyyyyy !!!!

  5. The west has already won the war. Their objective was to make it as expensive for the Russians as possible so they think twice before trying it again. It looks like that is happening already.

  6. Only a child believes Ukcrain will win this war. For how long do you think europeans are going to stand for EU leaders when every single day there are more and more europeans that don´t know how to feed their children? For a 33 years old country, one of the most corrupts in the world and that has always been part of that part of the world? People are starting to get furious with this EU leadership.

  7. Special forces personnel don’t Guard US embassies, US Marines do. Special forces inhabit embassies to cary out their special ops. This panel is made up of nincompoops.

  8. Russia & China bleed the US at Korea Vietnam Afghanistan, while US bleed Russia China at Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq etc…

    It's just a game to weaken each other. The aim was never to win immediately.

  9. "General hodges" was also the one responsible for training afghan soldiers to hold off the taliban. Perhaps it was there he obtained the psychedelics he very obviously took before giving this interview.

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