• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

“The G7 strategy is clear. Our military, diplomatic and economic tools are all part of the Ukrainian counter offensive.” UK Prime …


31 thoughts on “The UK will be supplying ‘air defence, artillery, tanks and long-range missiles’ to Ukraine”
  1. I don't think we're in the best situation for all this – the UK is in an absolute mess. I doubt Rishi is forking out from his or his mates personal fortune's, just using the taxpayers money instead

  2. News Corp UK owns Times Radio & Ireland Limited (trading as News UK, formerly News International and NI Group) is a British newspaper publisher, and a wholly owned subsidiary of the American mass media conglomerate News Corp. Rupert Murdoch.

  3. 20% of the UK population is in poverty. Sunak will increase poverty to 30%.
    UK provided depleted uranium which is now a radiation cloud. Sunak will bankrupt the UK.
    Make no mistake, when US sees there's no hope for Ukraine, the US WILL WALK AWAY. Then UK will be "shoulder to shoulder" with Ukraine,…without the US.

  4. When UK choose to escalate this because of US demand it.
    What shall UK use to defend themselves from attacks ??
    It's not sure if it's the smartest thing to do.

  5. As a UK taxpayer i fully support my government giving all the support possible to assist Ukraine in sending the aggressor back across the border.

  6. Black rock, JPMorgan already in Ukraine taking over other hand nato Pushing last Ukrainians to die in war thy can't wean so big brother establishment can move in! Well played but war is not over yet most likely Russia will take all over Ukraine!

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