• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska, has been speaking to business leaders and politicians as they gathered for the Davos World …


24 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Ukraine's First Lady criticises world leaders at Davos”
  1. Browder have earned over $1.5 billion in Russia and never paid any taxes neither in Russia or the United States and yet the money escaped the country. They were transferred to the United States. His Hermitage Capital Management headquarters are in Guernsey, it also maintains offices in the Cayman Islands, London and Moscow. The Moscow office was closed, and that's why he hates Russia and Putin:)

  2. If president zelensky wants anybody else to donate money to Ukraine he needs to stop his wife spending. Everyone knew Ukraine what's corrupt but when the president wife is spending $40,000 on clothes we actually know how corrupt president zelensky is

  3. She needs to be criticize herself for shopping in Paris with big bucks while her folks back home are without heat, and food, while she lives an extravagant lifestyle. Shame Shame!

  4. What a waist of money these meetings use zoom Canadian politicians are by far the worst for romping around the world. Besides who wants to listen to Freelands screechy voice and look at those chubby stubby legs .

  5. The rich and elite should do more ?
    People suffer under this leadership ,while she spends thousands upon thousands
    On a shopping spree in Paris
    Where is the money going

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