• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Rehash Of The Cold War? Ukraine War Is Reshaping World Order | Russia Ukraine War The war in Ukraine has brought global …


18 thoughts on “Rehash Of The Cold War? Ukraine War Is Reshaping World Order | Russia Ukraine War”
  1. Rehash of a Cold War? No, the Cold War has never ended. And shaping the World Order? Indeed it is. And in Russia's favor too, along with the rest of the under dogs in the world. No coincidence the west is losing favor with many. Karma is a B.

  2. Don't blame Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Blame NATO's hypocrisy and it's continual breaking of the Minsk accord by expanding NATO eastward! The entire blame lies with NATO & NOT Russia!

  3. Irony is, none of these belligerents are really purely exemplifying their own ideologies. China is now basically a capitalist nation run by a one party socialist state. Russia is essentially a democratic and capitalist country inheriting an old soviet system. EU is turning slowly into an undemocratic, un-elected bureaucratic dictatorship. And America is basically turning into a leftist socialist hellhole.

  4. @Firstpost- WTH man, as if India never buys oil and gas via Russia by supporting it?
    only curses China of purchasing, amorality of yours is revolting!!
    regarding China's commerce with Europe, you don't have to fret over, China has Africa and Asia to trade with, if Europe insists on leaving, it has his choice, ya.

  5. Don’t understand US is the biggest factor that created this war and whole world is suffering. Is it too hard to see or disliking against Russia is too strong to see the obvious.

  6. In a multi-polar world why should anyone listen to the US, which has been at war for more that 60 years around the globe. This is just another one for the US and maybe planning already for the next one. India has forgotten how Pakistan was assisted by the US, for so many years. Short memory for Firstpost.

  7. Am glad you finally caught up. This is Putin's end game. The collapse of NATO, the US Dollar and the entire western axis of power. I guarantee you that by 2030, all these will come to pass.

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