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Russian soldiers 'beat up' for refusing to fight in Ukraine war – BBC News


Jun 1, 2023 , ,

The BBC has learnt of violence against Russian soldiers refusing to fight in the war in Ukraine. Families have spoken of their …


34 thoughts on “Russian soldiers 'beat up' for refusing to fight in Ukraine war – BBC News”
  1. stop lying to men and women.
    we have collected everything that we can prove your lying about and also who funds you. owns you and tells you what to put on there. fear fear fear. I pray for your souls in Jesus name

  2. Noble cause you said 🙂 What American army think when they are going into the war on the other side of globe, also noble cause 🙂 there is no noble cause in war, noble would be to stop everything and hole world to donate for al families who lost there homes, to fix all cities that been ruined, and start with new begining.

  3. When they can't beat you militarily they try to divide & conquer. I'd fight for Putin in this war, I wouldn't piss on the west if it was on fire. Evil western regimes trying to park nukes on people's door steps. Just a shame Russia wasn't able to pound Ukraine into submission and end the conflict quickly.

  4. Only propaganda upon propaganda the truth is Ukrainian are dying and they will continue to die and Europe will rely solely on American and become American slave and what after Russia is still standing up bombarding and let bambardment continue

  5. Throughout history, Russia has relied on waves of troops to overwhelm their enemies. To do so, Russian commanders often resort to lethal methods to enforce their orders. Half of the the Soviet Union's losses during the "Great Patriotic War" were at the hands of the Soviet authorities.

  6. I don't believe any of this Russian soldiers are some of the most feared don't believe any of this I don't think Russia should have invaded Ukraine but they did because Brandon is worthless but to call Russian soldiers hiding from zilensky I don't believe that shit

  7. Putin proved himself to be the proverbial creature of a 'horsman of apocalipse'. Any war monger of the past proved time over time to seek nothing but the folly of 'glorious creature' to be preserved in the annals of history.

  8. First off this is more Russian violence porn which the jew media loves to show, secondly, it’s Ukrainians that are refusing to fight, they are being dragged out of their houses, stop falling for these mainstream lies

  9. It doesnt matter where the army put you, you sold your body to the government to fight, you should do just that until your contract is up.. they are just traumatized and weak.

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