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26 thoughts on “Russia’s War in Ukraine is Escalating…”
  1. Hey guys thanks for watching. EDIT* My intention was not to minimize the role Russia played in provoking these attacks. To clarify my thoughts because I don't I communicated clearly: Russia invaded Ukraine and started all of this. I'm trying to consider where this is now headed at this point and I believe there is a clear pattern of escalation by both sides at this point. Instagram with Research and source links: https://instagram.com/cappyarmy
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  2. A.) This isn't going to escalate into a nuclear war B.) Tit-for-Tat is what happens in wars, since people first kept records it's been tit-for-tat. C.) There will be an increase in the intensity of the fighting, battles will be fought for longer consecutive days with higher casualty rates on both sides. D.) This going to get uglier, much uglier before it gets better. E.) Russia has one maybe two more offensive pushes before they give up. F.) Ukraine can still lose this war. G.) NATO is getting shakier each day but the Russian probably can hold out longer than NATO can.

  3. It's not escalation until Ukraine has struck every city in Russia several times over with missiles, seized Russia's nuclear power plants, massacred their civilians, and annexed their territories. What kind of awful take is this?

    Putin has no intention of using nukes. He says that all the time, and the effect is wearing off. He can't even do full mobilization. Sure, if Ukraine started upping their attacks in Russia and Russians got mad about it, they might mobilize more – but that's a 100% worthy risk.

    If Ukraine doesn't use NATO weapons in its attacks, where's the risk of escalation with NATO? The last thing Putin wants is to drag the alliance into this, either.

  4. It was an old soviet ara cruse missile left over from the 90s ukraine upgraded it and let them know what will happen if he uses tactical nukes. It would be easy to put fuel rods from chernobil to plaster Moscow with dirty bombs

  5. I like the content you put out yet this one is way off base. How can you say that Ukraine shouldn't attack inside russia while russia is killing anyone it likes on the street in ukraine? If ukraine was able to take down more russian targets inside russia I think you would see russia wanting to talk peace faster than it ever will at this rate. Russia has no reason to leave ukraine if it is not feeling the pain that ukraine is feeling. Once ukraine can prove its ability to hit targets in russia at will you will see a change in the russians to ask for peace. Russia has no reason to want a end if it is not seing any fallout in russia and unless that happens this will grind on for ever.

  6. I don’t agree at all. If we keep playing don’t upset Putin he might get angry then there is no chance at all that Ukraine will win this war. You may as well just give Putin what he wants. There are soldiers dying every day because Ukraine has not been allowed to retaliate because of the USAs lack of commitment to winning.

  7. Frankly, who cares what Putin says? He started this war, he ordered the deaths of civillians, he is to blame for all of this. Let Ukraine bomb Moscow, let the complacent Russian population learn the hard way about the horrors their countrymen are inflicting on innocents.

  8. 13:00 "is an escalation" Compared to what ? they're already in a full blown war being attacked with everything conventional. Ukraine attacked a military target being used to commit war crimes. Go Ukraine !

  9. If Russia is occupying Ukraine, then Ukraine has every right to protect the safety of their citizens. A strike on an airfield directly related to attacks on Ukraine is well deserved. Same as England bombing Germany in WW2

  10. Hey Cappy, I do enjoy your videos, but you are way off base interpreting an invaded sovereign countries response to attacks from the invader who is carrying out Genocidal attacks on civilians daily with cruise missiles and bombers from the invaders bases! The US and the rest of Europe will be next if Ukraine fails to drive the Barbarians out of Ukraine. Putin has a master plan, to recreate the Soviet Union by completing Lenin's plan of invading Germany via Poland and converting the Proleteriate to join forces and overun more peaceful countries as far as the English Channel (Canal le Manche) Your ploy of demanding oversight of US tax dollars and controlling the Ukrainian people's attempts at survival from Genocide and elimination of the Ukrainian language and so called Nazi's ignores the fact that the US, France and the UK appeased the Russians by agreeing to give up Ukraine's Nuclear weapons (Hitler enjoyed a similar gesture prior to WW2) in return for protection from attack. Ukraine did give up their Nuclear Weapons for apparently no reason. The guarantors of the treaty are beholden to support Ukraine (A deal is a deal) whether the aid is given freely or for profit is irrelevant! The fact that your President Biden has just returned home after secretly visiting Poland and Kyiv speaks volumes of the of the US commitment to arming the Ukrainian Army to win the war that Putin started (Both France and Germany are now supplying tanks and training the Ukrainian Soldiers. To complement the military assistance and training provided by the UK. For certain European politicians to criticize the President of Ukraine for alleged corruption in his country, are hypocrites ( Name one country without corruption?)

    The Ukrainians are a proud people in general and will fight to the death to defend and protect their families and country as would the Poles and any country that had been under the tyrannical yoke of the USSR postwar. Any compassion for Putin is misplaced when trying to compare so called escalation between an invader (war criminals) that have murdered so many trying to attack, murder and subdue civilians on their way to attack Kyiv, Irpin and Bucha!

  11. It takes a lot of faith and understanding to fight a war. War is justified by the will of God. Unrighteousness will not prevail. Slava the righteous, " Man the missiles, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead." Admiral Farragut would have been proud of the Ukrainian!
    Armageddon is a spiritual happening and is not a thing that the world knows nor can understand. It has been going on since Christ and has destroyed all false believers who falsely believe in their unrighteousness.
    Those who drink the cup of Christ in their unrighteousness are drawn to Armageddon.
    This is the real unforseen war that has wrecked the world. Babylon is the world order for religious confusion. Flee!!!

  12. Is it possible to escalate a war? The answer to that question, is no. once the shooting starts, there used to be rules of engagement. No more. You have a way to kill, bring it. you have washing machines, we want them. You want our tanks? Ok. But first you have to fry our soldiers in them. If the rooskies want a war. give them a freak show war. This is Ukraine fighting for its very survival. Make sure they win, there may not be another chance to rid the world of the sick female dog that rules russian like a plague. If China takes sides with russia. They should know better. Because you think Ukrainians are crazy, wait until they meet a pissed off mother from Oregon.

  13. I don't think ukraine retaliating against russia should be considered escalation but i'd imagine it has something to with russias nukes if russia didn't have nuclear bombs most wouldn't be as worried about ukraines reasonable attacks.

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