• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

‘Stop whining’: Piers Morgan clashes with Peter Hitchens on Ukraine-Russia war

Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan clashed with The Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens regarding the cause of the …


22 thoughts on “‘Stop whining’: Piers Morgan clashes with Peter Hitchens on Ukraine-Russia war”
  1. Nobody talks about the fact that in the eastern Ukranian provinces voted pro Russia, and are majority Russian, and they never wanted to join the western coalition, they were in war withing their own country since 2014. The country belongs to the people living within it, not to the superpowers dictating the borders.

  2. As ever Morgan you are clearly out of your depth when discussing any serious issues! You are just a loud mouth and should keep it shut and be considered a fool, unfortunately you choose to keep opening it and remove all the doubt….

  3. There were negotiations & they went nowhere because putin wouldnt give the land back!! Piers is correct negotiations arent an option now! Russia needs to pay for all the the horrific things they have done & all the damage they have caused!!

  4. I have to laugh at Piers (Irishman) concerned about Russia holding onto regions of Ukraine yet never mentions Britain occupation of the northern region of Ireland , Jersey , Cayman Islands , Gibraltar , Falklands and many other regions around the globe , strange , hey ???

  5. I always think it is funny how all the people who champion war are never anywhere near it… The people who want war should get a uniform on a go to the frontline…. Guess what? All wars would end. Morgan you are just a war chanting fool. Put you money where your mouth is… Get a uniform on and go fight. Bet you don't.

  6. These is a money scam and all these political wankers are in on it lam not sorry for using bad language but it's only what these people are used to watch and listen when the camera's are off wake up people are dwarf premier will be rushing of to is stock broker to buy shares in what ever company they have done a deal in these people are the lowest dishonest vermin on earth people are less then numbers to rhem.

  7. The issue here is that Piers Morgan (whom I have agreed with in some cases), is aggressive and has this faux intellectualism about him: He thinks Putin is wrong and there should be no concessions on the part of Ukraine. He thinks he is right and that is all there is to it. He then gets on his emotional high horse and attacks more. I didn't even get o hear what Hitchens had to say. He is talking about peace talks, but got nothing else out. Morgan needs to calm down and let people talk. (When he is going on about the Woke Liberalism, then I totally side with him!)

  8. Piers has the wrong version of events of what happened in ukraine. Russia wanted minks agreement implimented on the side of kiyv. This was sweet deal compared to the war … no

  9. Hey retarded Sunak… who gave you the permission to spend my tax money arming a foreign country?
    Jail time for you for not seeking pace but forcing the path of war

  10. How did manage to mount retaliatory strikes though? For a year we've been told, by CNN, by Sky News, by BBC, by CBC, DW, NBC, MSNBC, REuters, France 24, Al Jazeera, The NYT, Washington Post, The Guardian et al, pretty much every media outlet in the west basically, that the Russians are just about to run out of missiles. Inevitably after that story runs there is another wave of attacks with, you guessed it, missiles. But I thought they were running out? Or just about to. And they all run the same story. But somehow we are to think of them as independent, free thinking media. That aside, for a year now they got this wrong so either they're pretty fucking stupid and incompetent or there is something else going on here. Either way why continue to pay any attention to these people?

  11. Piers Morgan is another joker, who is living in lala land, Doesn't know what's this war about and certainly don't know how to respect a guest. If you do not have intention to listen to any other perspective other than your preconceived notion then why don't you make a statement and get going why invite someone and argue like stupid. " Oh common peter some body smart like you should not think like blah.. balh". GFY idiot. Why did you invite guests in first place.

  12. long live prankster mizzy and missy and prankster fizzy and prankster Bubu not to mention prankster cheeseburger plus Bugs Bunny, Magilla Gorilla, father ted, and my self

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