• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

One year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Global News takes an in-depth look at the human cost of the conflict, the resilience of …


34 thoughts on “Ukraine: One Year at War”
  1. I can not wait! Ukraine will win!!
    And many of us will definitely celebrate!!
    Ukraine is à country!
    Ukraine is a great democratic country!
    Glory to all military defenders,
    Glory to all volunteers,
    Glory to all civilians.
    Glory to our Beautiful Ukraine!

  2. what is sad about what the russians say to a reporter when asked about what putin is doing to ukraine,they say to the camera,oh we love him,slava russia,if they were to say anything against pukin,he would either have them jailed or they would all of the sudden fall down a stairs or jump out a window,no wonder why you cant get an honest anti putin reply from a russian.smh

  3. West starts it on May 2, 2014, doesn't broadcast any of it for 8 years, now causes Russia. How many wars are they going to louver you in before you get to the streets? You participate if you dint publicly opose it. It's hard to believe but the west will be hungry soon.

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  5. Russian is 4ever
    And American are never
    Even in Iraq or Afghanistan
    Ukraine never know this path due to jelensky
    Do u know one thing geographic scenes afganistan and Ukrain are same in current this time
    Tell me u why will Europe or nato or Americans sending there troops in Ukraine
    May b u are western funded new channel
    I am modi
    I am Indian

  6. Although I feel sorry for the Ukrainian people, starting WW3 over this tiny country is pure madness…Zelinskyy has received more money than was spent on the Vietnam war and Afghanistan COMBINED !….So where are all the heavy weapons, tanks, planes, ships, etc that that kind of funding would obviously provide?…..Do you see it?….Because I dont….I also dont see any checks and balances on where all the money is going, do you?…..And Zelinskyy keeps demanding more…. Let me remind you that the Ukraine has been an Eastern European criminal enterprise for the last 5 decades . Zelinskyy is a WEF zealot who shut down his country's media, and had his political opposition thrown in jail, just to be clear….Why should the world walk into a thermonuclear war over this obvious money laundering operation?……..I just wonder where all the fingers will point in ten years………If we're still around.

  7. WHY ? Keeping this madness did Russia invaded yes its history past NOW what we can do to stop this senseless war! keeping the war for what ? Sorry to say keeping this war will not fixed anything

  8. To celebrate a year at war is an example of just how messed up the world is today , a year at war is a failure ! Why no peace ? Ukraine doesn’t want peace , there’s no profit in peace ,that’s why Ukraine begged for this war , instigating its neighbour Russia through threats and failed promises . That’s why we stand by Russia, Ukraine regime is corrupted and full of hatred towards Russian s , no different than the nazis of ww2 s hatred of Jews . You’re very shallow and undereducated on the facts of you support Ukraine, don’t let your government tell you who you should support , support who is right , and justified , support who isn’t profiting from war .

  9. Yeah, Ukraine is winning on twitter….. Real life is a completely different matter . Ukraine already lost most trained and motivated soldiers along with almost all hardware it had before the war plus hundreds of tanks and IFVs it got from Eastern Europe (to understand the scale of losses it had 1 990 tanks, 1 212 IFVs, 1 112 heavy artillery systems, 354 multiple rocket launchers). Its army is a shadow of its former self at the beginning of the war. Zelenskyy is catching and forced conscripting often at gunpoint mostly people with zero motivation to die for him, who never served in the army, often disabled. When such people are in the trenches, it means that the front can collapse at any moment. According to WaPo of all places Russians have 1:6 advantage in artillery (you can imagine their real advantage). 85% of Ukrainian soldiers are killed even without seeing an enemy. Biden administration is getting quite desperate.

  10. I've been watching Global News for a very long time. This might be the finest documentary and piece of work that I have ever viewed from Donna and her teams in front of and behind the camera. Well done. Heroyam Slava!
    The world will never be the same. Greed for land and power convinced putin that he could get away with this invasion and these War Crimes. It is important that WE do not let that happen – CONTINUE TO SUPPORT UKRAINE CANADA! SLAVA UKRAINI.

  11. Too bad that Canada can't broker peace over there instead of supporting this insanity. We used to be a great nation that helped other countries, now we are supporting the most corrupt country in Europe.

  12. If only our government cares as much for its own people as it does for the Uks……unfortunately they’ve killed us with all the spending of our tax dollars so they can’t profit from us anymore. Instead they offer MAID and become one of the top countries in organ donors –

  13. Ukraine has been without democracy since Zelensky assumed office.

    ³ Extolled a champion of democracy, the reverse is the case, with no oppositionª parties, no freedom of movement, compulsory military service, no freedom of expression, restriction of religion, restriction of language, screening of media, etc. The little deceiver has no desire to abnegate his dictatorship anytime soon that he justifies with this war, skillfully deflecting towards Russia fury aimed at himself over his edicts.

    ª There are opposition parties. Only those that challenge government policy or that lean towards Russia are banned.

  14. WW3 is Unfortunately inevitable because human behavior is so aggressive and predictable. The weaponization of the planet has been ongoing for thousands of years, we have not evolved as a species, so it's inevitable. I have learned to accept this very sad and sobering TRUTH.

  15. Russian forces need to understand that their invasion was completely futile from the very beginning. That is why it's not a bad thing to turn around and go home at this point.

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