• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Ukraine War – Trench Combat First Person View


Jun 3, 2023

Callsign “Predator” (22nd Separate Motorized Infantry Battalion “Kharkiv”) defends his position along with his comrade who gives …


16 thoughts on “Ukraine War – Trench Combat First Person View”
  1. The guy in the trench will never walk with his head up after this video comes out. Better outcome for him was to die fighting then go home after this. I understand people get shell shocked but when you are sitting cowering away for 30minutes watching your brother fight for both of your lives without firing one bullet. I give him props for atleast loading mags and somewhat helping

  2. Damn son, any russian who finds Predator and his Squire are FUCKED! At 1:15, that guy he shot was definitely clocking one of his comrades. Life saver. On the radio they said there are up to 80 russians around them.

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