• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

I have been embedded with the Russian Army In Kherson Region and In this report the Russian Army Fires Artillery On Ukrainian …


29 thoughts on “Artillery Battles Rage In Southern Ukraine (Russian Artillery Special Report)”
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  2. Great job Patrick. Be very careful around Russian artillery batteries, the Ukraine Army has "demilitarized" nearly 1,000 artillery guns and nearly 400 more anti-air and MLRS. Keep making these great videos showing us the Russian side of this Special Military Operation. Also, could you ask these Russian soldiers if they have any electric or bathrooms in their home where they are from? 20% of Russians don't have them? Just curious what they say? I see they run away fast after shooting proving how accurate and damaging the Ukraine artillery is at making them 200 or 300.

  3. Патрик, как много значат ваши репортажи! Приятное удивление вызвало большое количество комментарий поляков, а то уже складывается впечатление, что там не осталось людей, способных трезво рассуждать, и что не идут на поводу у своего оголтелого правительства!

  4. And u fucking believe them when they say they don't target civilians What Bullshit, guess u work for T C at fox shite show.

  5. 8:53 this part always make me smile. There is another News crew reporting this from different angle and in their video you can hear Patrick voice. Even in this video you can hear their reporter speaking albeit not clearly.

  6. And here in N.Z our stupid Government are teaching Ukraine army how to use Howitzers, as a New Zealander i do not support this, I support Putin and Russia……NZ

  7. Очередной репортаж о том, как легкозомбируемые славяне с радостью убивают друг друга. На радость врагу.

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