• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Kinzhal damaged US Patriot system | Storm Shadow Missile | Russia Ukraine conflict update

In this video we’ll learn about the Storm Shadow missile, Russia’s Kinzhal missile damaged US Patriot defence system, and some …


30 thoughts on “Kinzhal damaged US Patriot system | Storm Shadow Missile | Russia Ukraine conflict update”
  1. This seems odd, because I thought that I had heard just a few days ago that Patriot missiles in Ukraine had shot down some number of "invincible" Kinzhal missiles?

  2. The $1.1 Billion Patriot Missile Battery is not a gamechanger but a great embarrassment.

    No wonder the US refuse to acknowledge the failure of the Patriot system.

    It’s a multi-mission system for [defending against] high-flying aircraft, for cruise missiles and above all, for ballistic missiles.

    The Patriot system is a costly weapon and is estimated at $4 million dollars. But that's just the cost of one interceptor missile. The launchers cost about $10 million each.

    A newly produced single Patriot battery costs over $1 billion, with $400 million for the system and $690 million for the missiles in a battery.

  3. WOW Russians capability is amazing .. it is shocking that they are loosing ( or atleast not winning) despite such capabilities .. I think it ultimately comes to troop morales … Russian troops are not sure what they are fighting for vs Ukrainians seems to be left with no choice but to fight with all they have and die to save their lands … it will be very interesting how this ends … defeating Russia is pipe dream for Ukraine but at the same time will of Ukrainians is so strong that Russia won't be able to break it unless weapon supply runs out for Ukraine .. but does not look like UK ans US are in mood to back down either on weapon supply … among all this – salute to zelenski's leadership .. haven't seen a leader like him in very long time ..

  4. Patriotic damaged by Hypersonic missile

    S-400 intercepted & destroy subsonic missile

    I hear even S-400 can't have capability to stop Hypersonic missile….
    Maybe still not proper Comparison

  5. They fired their best missiles and it did nothing haha. Not even against a 3rd world country. Sad. It seems Russia has no military power to do anything against real countries since they can't even conquer a city that has barely any defences.

  6. How can anyone believe that a single missle can destroy a Patriot system which has components up to 30 km apart from each other.
    Please explain to me how anything less that a nuke can take it out.

  7. the American Tomahawk is more affordable $1 million each missile by the way the American tomahawk it's the first cruise missile in history by the way the American Patriot system is superior shooting down many Hypersonic missiles

  8. Its easy to down play Russian weapons when they use guidance systems from the us and Europe. Thats a proven fact. Russia has claimed to have destroyed many things before they were even delivered to Ukraine by the west. If Russian weapons were superior they would have defeated Ukraine already. The United states and china would have crushed Ukraine even from a father distance than Russia being next to Ukraine.

  9. What a blow to the USA ,Nato and Ukraine,?????????? Russia
    S400 is the killer of US and Nato misiles ,
    Russia is the builder, Vladimir Putin one man Army, is winning nato ,the US ,UK, France ,Poland ,Ukraine and Allies,
    Russia is winning the war race,

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