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Oliver Stone is a filmmaker with 3 Oscar wins and 11 Oscar nominations. His films include Platoon, Wall Street, Born on the Fourth …


40 thoughts on “Oliver Stone: Vladimir Putin and War in Ukraine | Lex Fridman Podcast #286”
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    2:54 – Nuclear power
    15:52 – Russia and US relations
    21:07 – JFK and the Cold War
    26:24 – Interviewing Putin
    50:02 – Invasion of Ukraine
    59:20 – Why Putin invaded Ukraine
    1:13:44 – Propaganda
    1:21:02 – Interviewing Putin in 2022
    1:28:17 – Nuclear war
    1:34:28 – Advice on interviewing
    1:38:09 – Interviewing Hitler
    1:41:30 – Putin interview language barrier
    1:42:41 – Love
    1:44:36 – Advice to young people
    1:47:42 – Mortality
    1:48:44 – Regrets
    1:50:41 – Meaning of life

  2. I like Oliver Stone. I like his films. But some of what he said made no sense. Talking about a Putin speech from 2007 where he promotes national sovereignty and goes on to invade Georgia and Ukraine. You believed that crock of shit?

    And the reason for the Ukraine invasion was bad intel during Covid as well as Nazis? Oliver is drinking the cool aid. Lex should have pushed back some more.

  3. This man has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Obviously he's been getting some pro-Russia ideas just to contradict his father – who, according to his own words – was a Commie denier – but it's not needed to try to contradict your father any longer – at this man's age. (Edited:) you are not a little boy any more. It's time to grow up. See the Putin and current Russia – that part of Russia which supports Putin – for what it is. An autocratic regime fueled by a soulless madman one the one hand – and centuries old stagnated culture of "whichever tsar daddy is at the top, we let him rape and subdue our minds and bodies endlessly" – on the other hand – which is a true russian VATNIK (countryside idiot) thing. This man should not be allowed to influence any decisions from US'es side in regard to current Russia/Ukraine. Putin was sneered at – not because America didn't allow Putin to be neutral – but because it saw through Putin (a formed mafia man, manipulator and KGB agent). There were no "30 million" people who suddenly became homeless after Soviet Union collapsed. Those had been imported into all the smaller formerly independent countries – to russify and de-nationalise them. PLEASE READ UP – GROW UP – and then express your twisted views – oh, by the way – when you've done that – they shouldn't be twisted any more. Good luck in your growth – at this age it might be very, very painful though. Best wishes from Latvia.

  4. Wow. Lost all respect for this moron. From The Doors members saying Jim was NOTHING like he was portrait in Stone's film. To a total simp for Putin. Blaming the west for what Russia has always done for millenia. Attack its neighbors. Oliver Stone is a joke

  5. Oliver Stone is so intelligent and talented. I really enjoyed his perspective on this situation. We should try to listen to other perspectives and not believe everything the media is telling us. Everyone knows that the US government lies and they have been corrupt for a long time. I think Oliver Stone has a point.

  6. While completely and utterly wrong about nuclear power, I love O. Stone for other reasons. However, here, he shows himself rather naive with respect to Putin. Just because the US pursues an imperial agenda, and just because Russia in some respect acts in its legitimate self interest (and in other respects acts greatly against its own interests), does not mean that dictators are benevolent. The political murders, poisonings and imprisonment of all the main opposition leaders really is at his behest, as is the vote rigging and clamp down on all opposition. This is all quite apart from the war in Ukraine. Moreover, the west was willing to tolerate the seizure of Crimea. While the US escalated by expanding NATO aggressively, despite both France and Germany warning it would cause war, Putin should not have taken the bait but instead triangulated – and he could have to the greater advantage of his nation. He is not responsible for US imperial overreach, but he is a tyrant, pure and simple, and the destroyer of representative government in Russia. Only one thing Oliver Stone said in the interview was insulting: that Putin would be out of Russians were against him. That is so utterly insulting to the millions of Russians who have no means of expressing their political will but are arrested daily for thought crimes (white piece of paper protest) and have no meaningful opposition to rally around since the opposition is systematically hobbled by the security apparatus. Never think that a dictator automatically has the support of his subjects just because he hasn't been removed.

    I do appreciate what Stone exposes about corruption in the US and Ukraine, and the very important note he brings up about the toxic pressure of the Ukrainian nationalist right on Ukrainian governance, but just because we and our allies do wrong does not make our geopolitical rivals right or fair.

  7. Trump tried to promote the sov reign nation state as the hope for peace going forward. The deeds state and media fueled by war fight against him to this day.

  8. 53:55 "I don't feel that [Europeans] have freedom to say what they really think" And I feel that Oliver Stone is an idiot who should read about what Russia does to people who say things they don't like. Social pressure, or even ostracism, for holding an unpopular view is absolutely not the same as the kinds of restrictions that authoritarian regimes put on people. This ignorant attitude alone is enough to make me dislike Oliver Stone tremendously. What an entitled, ignorant ass to complain about freedom of speech, of all things. Perhaps he should read up on the matter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_journalists_killed_in_Russia

  9. God, I managed to listen to the whole thing…. what a fool… American supported "Death Squads" in South America… what a joke… If he isnt suckin Putin's, he is sucking Maduro's and the Chavistas, unbelievable….. America has not cared for central/south America since the 80s… we (Latinos) wish they would help us…. "Russia was defending themselves from Georgia in 2008"??? WHAT? "Russia has more freedom of speech than the US… not just now, but back in Tsarist/Soviet times" WHATTTT IS THE MAN SMOKING??? He also never actually condemned the invasion, the killings, the bombings in Kyiv… he just called it a mistake/miscalculation… so if it was a correct calculation, it was good invasion? Is that was he is implying? Heaven forbid Ukraine as a sovereign nation wants to be part of the west…. Zero mention of Euromaidan…. "No one is talking about the money we send to Ukraine" WHATTT? The Republicans you have grown up to hate so much talk about it daily… Also I loved his revisionist view of the Cold War… what a fool…. Also bizarre answers on the Hitler question… we all know that appeasement happened, yet he pretends its unheard of… Also there was a Battle of Britain, Germany did try to invade, they just didn't get the chance… WHAT DOES HE SMOKE, FOR REAL. This man would not last a day in any country or time period other that the modern USA, yet he is so quick to judge everything… I judge too, I like to listen to all sides.. but this is literally all one sided foolishness.

  10. I am from Georgia and I am sorry but saying that putin handled the "problems with chechnya well?" wtf does that mean?! russia just destroyed chechnya and made their own goverment there, OS is just blind in politics he admires a person who is constantly attacking its own neighbour countries, cus he wants everything to be only his way! that smirk on putins speech he mentions was justified, he interviewed putin and saw how calm and collected he was while deceiving the world, putin can not be trusted!

  11. You introduction was moving – may we some how find a path to peace and leave war as a horror in our past. God bless you Lex. Thanks for doing what your doing. Xx

  12. Lex, I find that you are very biased against President V. Putin!! Don't you know that the Kiev regime has been shelling and killing its own civilian since 2014 for the past 8 years, about 15,000 people were killed innocently. There was no war but just the shelling from Ukraine and killing those people who voted for Ze! Putin has tried to negotiate for peace through the signed Minsk Agreements (1 & 2) but was being screwed by not honouring the agreements! Putin had been patient enough for the pass 8 years. He's now protecting the Russian speaking Ukrainians! In addition, the US has crossed the red line by expanding Nato to Russia! Putin is a rare, precious gem which the Russian are fortunate to possess as their leader! May the Almighty God bless Putin/Russia abundantly always! Amen.

  13. 1:25:55 -" the money US spent on Ukraine", Sir, In the 1938, Nazi Germany annexed Austria – nobody did anything, then Czekoslovakia – nobody did anything, then Poland, Lithuania, France etc. and in the end we had a world war and at least 1 continent to rebuild. I think as much money as US spends now, it's nothing compared to what they may pay in the end if you let Putin do whatever he pleases for some time just like we let Adolf occupy whole Europe only then start fighting.

  14. Stone says Ukraine was about to "invade" Donbas? Donbas was occupied by a minority rebel group supported by a foreign power. Not stating Ukraine was about to liberate Donbas shows the pro Russia bias.

    There is no justification for this war. The Russia apologetics is sad to hear.

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