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The Russians have destroyed Three Ukrainian Armies


Jun 5, 2023

Col Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls – Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the …


42 thoughts on “The Russians have destroyed Three Ukrainian Armies”
  1. Fantastic interview! I’ve been waiting for some sustained Colonel Macgregor HONESTY about the state of things in Ukraine. People DESPERATELY need to hear this. They are being lied to and propagandized at a level I’ve never seen before.

  2. I wish he wouldn't come up with that right wing PR nonsense of "global elits" following Marx – Marx has preached AGAINST all that. AGAINST national as international 'elites' exploiting the masses (what is pretty much the definition of 'right wing' = elitism and what conservatism was about, because those wanted to 'conserve' the systems of this time, with political, financial and social 'elites', while the majority of people are just 'plebs' to rule over.

    Leftism is AGAINST that. As is Marx who talks about, how the rightist ideology of the rich and powerful exploiting the poor and powerless will always lead to desaster.

    I get it: in the west and even more in the USA, you got brutal indoctrinatio, which even come up with absurdities that the US media or the Dems, both brutally right wing, are the left, what is just ridiculous in any way. And the stupid PR nonsense about "cultural marxism" is also spread, just as anythign that is evil is called "communism" or anything that is not brutally exploiting the poor and weak is called socialism – of course as a warning insult, becuse exploting the poor is natural and important for the system.

    Also love when people fall for that woke nonsense.

    Look up "divide at impera", a thousands of years old principle, which is about distracting the slaves with nonsene to bring them up gainst others, so they are easy to control. This whole woke thing is nothing else. If you preach or hate it doesn't matter, the fact that you waste your time with it already means, that it works and even more when you start with hating each other over it.

    Wokism is nothign else but a new word for that third wave femisnim tactic, which was all to bring up the slaves against each other as they started to go against the right wing, capitalistic system that exploits them.

  3. He literally has the Russians and Ukrainians confused. It's Russia, not Ukraine, that has suffered 150k to 200k losses. It's Russia, not Ukraine, that's sending untrained men to the front to be slaughtered. It's Russia, not Ukraine, that's been devastated by artillery.

  4. As if anyone on the 'inside' would trust this confirmed clown with intel, so he can blurt it out in public on his Tankie Channel.

    Too funny for words, but the dumbo's will suck it up.

  5. Can't y'all see that the SCHOOL SYSTEM keeps the public supplied with MORONS…. graduated as experts that JUST FOLLOW ORDERS from above their pay-grade…. at no time in their upbringing did they have any self-testing, task completion… just turn the page and teachy starts the next unrelatable exercise… never fixing their errors, and rectifying their understandings… pointless plate-juggling…….
    where's the MILITARY assessment of the IMPLICATION of CHINA having 80MILLION *EXCESS* YOUNG MEN because of their ONE-CHILD CCP POLICY at the end of last century… the friggin GENDER and EQUITY and INCLUSIVITY crap is obscuring REALITY of what that means… Judge?… Colonel?..


  6. Macgregor is listed as having said that the Russian army was highly skilled and "invincible,". You sir are a joke. You are a known asset sir.

  7. It's sad that you think wokeism is anything but a direct consequence of capitalism. The billionaires capitalism invented invented wokeism to protect those billions from class consciousness. Thinking wokeism is Marxist is about as ignorant as thinking the Nazis were actually socialists just because it was in the name. Like thinking the DPRK is actually democratic. Right wingers (Both Clinton and Reagan) invented woke by handing infinite unchecked power to capital and the billionaires that own it all. The billionaires own both parties and both ideologies. When you sing the tired old right wing trickle down line you serve them just as much as the 5 star trans generals that donate to drag shows for toddlers. You're being a sucker. Blackrock and the like are actively bankrolling the performative idpol agenda expressly because it serves the billionaires as much as any money worshipping right wing ideology.

  8. You think the buck stops with public figures and it doesn't. The 0.1%ers are more than happy to roll the dice on the entire continent because they know they'll get inside word soon enough to short the entire thing, make another set of billions and then skip away to some bank over seas, or a well stocked bunker if need be. We are talking about people who have absolutely mastered PR and socializing losses. No one with an official government title or a uniform has any real say over American policy, period.

  9. The thing I don't understand is why people still think America has a government. It's crystal clear, and studied that we are a corporate oligarchy. At no point has government action reflected popular will in opposition to the 0.1% richest people. The American "government" is just a TV show. The American military is just a private security firm for the 0.1%. Even Washington was just the 0.1% of his day. The richest man in the colonies at the time. Talking about intent and competence in the context of any American official seems to be willfully missing the point. They are not decision makers, period. We'd get just as much service by petitioning president Bartlet of the West Wing television show to enact policy. He and Biden have identical power. Spiderman is as much president as Biden is. The only deep state are the 700 or so billionaires. Ironic, considering that's supposed to be the approximate size of the government. Congress, executive, and judicial branches. Conservatives cry about smaller government, well, it doesn't get much smaller than zero as in fiction, or 0.1% as in the billionaires. https://twitter.com/Innomen/status/1576374806941171712

  10. Thank You. I am a (east) german with ukrainian roots living since long time in Switzerland. Since German media is only a Proxy for Ukrainian Propaganda, I was looking for different sources of information. I found more diverse information in the US as well in Russia(!). Grown up in GDR I had english and russian lessons at school, which enables me today to read both. I think the split opinion between est and west germans regarding Russia is mainly cause by differnt exposure. Many east germans met people from soviet union in person so the know the media telling us these are monsters is simply fake and only an attempt to dehumanize russians. I am really concerned seeing an entire nation being sacrificed for some stuipid race for more power by global elites. This has potential to start 3 World war, but even if we are lucky and this does not happen the West will pay an incredible price for its arrogance, especially Europe. So many dead bodies, so many refugees, so many destroyed dreams. Humans are definitely not the top of the evolution. We dont deserve this planet.

  11. If what the colonel says were remotely true, Russian forces would be in Kyiv, Kharkiv, O’dessa etc. Like just about all channels supporting one side or the other, neither comes remotely close to stating truth.

  12. Hey, a Russian's here. At first two third of this interview I sort of got endeared by the 'realistic' point of view, but then so much BS went out, I almost crushed my skull with a facepalm.

    This is strightforward Kremlin propaganda. Sorry, guys. I almost threw up.

  13. 31:02 The West that is trying to prosecute this war is led by political leaders who think that, who think that, because their fathers fought in WWII, that the war fighting ability of the Americans is something one picks up in his DNA. Near as I can tell, generals like Milley, Austin have no real serious experience. Neither did Eisenhower, but Eisenhower wasn't the Lackey.

  14. Galloway is pretty funny, "imbeciles and pipsqueaks" describes most western politicians to a T. I don't even think trump can get us out of this mess tbh

  15. The example of the German Alloy company from 1380 going out of business is just one of the many energy intensive businesses shutting door throughout Europe like in The Netherlands, Belgium, and France. These businesses are lost forever as cheap energy will not return to Europe. Russia now makes more money selling gas and oil via the middleman.
    Europe can only blame themselves because they continued with their self-destructing sanction war when they saw that all sanction were backfiring.

  16. I've been seeing footage of rockets and artillery strikes by the Russians on the Ukrainians for over a year and the Western news medias would just say, "Only 3 casualties". It was more like 30-300 killed Ukrainian soldiers!!

  17. 16:20 the object of staying in someplace for, say, another 50 years is to maintain the state of permanent Orwellian War because, as Major General Smedley Butler said, war is a racket.

  18. Colonel, aren't you disgusted taking questions of that imperialistic buffoon convinced that every British peasant deserves to rule the World?

  19. Much respect for Colonel, but one major criticism I have is that woke globalism is not based on Marx. It's inteded to destroy the Western Marxist movement, which historically was populist and focused on labor issues and civil rights, and ready to enter into popular fronts with patriotic and democratic non-Marxists.

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