• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

For months the city of Bakhmut has been the epicentre of the war in Ukraine. Almost all of the city’s 70000 residents have fled.


25 thoughts on “Ukraine frontline: the battle for Bakhmut – BBC News”
  1. It's an old report from last winter, when the Ukrainians were given false hope by the Western powers instead of negotiating a settlement with the Russians they lead them on to thousands of unnecessary deaths.
    Now it's May moving into summer an it is only hours if it hasn't already happened that the Wagner Group and the regular Russian forces are mopping up the last of the resisters.

    War is hell and it is the Western powers that bear the greatest responsibility for not negotiating a settlement to this conflict that they initiated at the maidan Coup.
    So before you cry too many tears over this tragedy find out who initiated and has perpetuated it.

    The West will never have to accept their blame for this but the world will still know where to place the blame.

  2. Change your name from BBC to BBS. As in British bull s h I t e news service. Everybody's on to you people you are going away because your nonsense fake news you are the worst. I hope you guys suffer terribly. You two will join all the other victims of human folly

  3. Propaganda. Is this cbs news? Why is it fake? I keep hearing Nazi Ukraine is winning but their territory is getting smaller and smaller. We need to put Trump back in the office ASAP or Biden will throw away all our tax payers' money, for Nazi Ukraine.

  4. Russia’s Brutish Plan:
    Round up conscripts;
    Properly intimidate them;
    Minimally outfit them;
    Thrust them against Ukrainians
    so as to force them to reveal their positions;
    Bombard the Ukrainians;
    Then advance and repeat the process
    as necessary until at least
    a half million Russian troops are dead.
    Note: In order for this to work, an unlimited supply of both men and artillery shells is needed, hence the importance of security forces on the home front and the call to China for lethal aid.

  5. Pakistan afghanistan Bangladesh sri lanka war against china india Russia india china passport no one visit in any airport send back with Russia passport

  6. Ukraine end this blood war talk to Russia your brothers and Sisters. US and its NATO project are just using you to achieve their agenda against your big brother Russia.

  7. Бориска Джонсон (Англия): " Минский переговорный процесс о мире на Донбассе со стороны Запада был "Дипломатической имитацией".Это подтвердили Ангела Меркель (Германия), Франсуа Олланд (Франция), Порошенко (Украина). Аналена Бербок (Германия): "Мы ведём войну против России". ВСЕ руководители ведущих стран мира заявили, что Минские соглашения были с их стороны обманом России и имели целью подготовку армии Украины и политического режима на Украине к войне против России.Значит:
    1) Россия была права, начав Специальную Военную Операцию, где силы Зла и Тьмы в лице НАТО 9 лет уничтожают детей, женщин и стариков на Донбассе. Россия ЗАЩИЩАЕТ южных русов от агрессии Запада на древних землях Святой Руси.
    2) Запад и Украина виноваты в развязывании войны.
    3) Никакие переговоры России и Запада не помогут, потому что Запад изначально лжёт и не выполняет условия договора.

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