• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 25th of May 2023 Google doc: …


41 thoughts on “Donbass Zugzwang | The Battles For Avdiivka And Kupyansk Have Begun. Military Summary For 2023.05.25”
  1. drone attack at sea, Ukraine used 3 drones but only 1 carried a bomb 2 were decoys so the Russian ship was lucky to be able to shoot drones carrying bombs whereas in the video published by Ukraine it was only bait without bombs but this video from the bait will be used as propaganda media , and the fact that the Russian ship is still at sea means that the Russian claim is true.

  2. Why are you not reporting on Belgorod? Or Russian vessel that got hit? Also, since Bakhmut is liberated from nazi Ukies , where is the victory day parade, happy city inhabitants greeting their Russian saviours and ukie women spreading there legs for prisoners and mercs? And Russians are still wondering why there is Russo phobia in Eastern Europe, seemingly forgetting the shit they pulled off there in recent history.

  3. I think this drone hit on the Russian ship is a photomontage. As yesterday, the Ukrainians showed General Załużny, whole and healthy, waving to happiness.

  4. I don't get why do you assume the dam will be repaired. If it is so important the Russians can bombard it regularly to prevent anyone working on it

  5. Huge missile and drone attacks in Dnipro last night, from 2 am until nearly 6 am. The front everywhere is heating up, Russia is starting to push now, Ukraine has very little left in the tank. I guess Russia will cancel the grain deal next Monday after the elections in Turkey this weekend.

  6. Just like the WW2 beach landings, the 21st Century D-Day against the ruzzian Hitler counter offensive coming!! Slava Ukraini!

  7. The Ukrainian offensive will begin when massed NATO armor leads the assault. It’s going to be a hectic battle as both sides try to figure out how to fight a modern war.

  8. Drone attack photo looks like CGI. Just when you freeze it, there is what looks like an Engine room visable amidships. Stranage artifacts like this show in WOT when zoom in and sometimes show empty shell and contents in weird way. Just my impression…

  9. Be mindful of what you say regarding surrender and where they surrendered, the ukranians are known to torture kill surrendered soldiers there is also a fact that some of their commanders will not only shoot them for insubordination but actually go after their family. Rumor has it lots of child pornography comes from Ukraine. Be mindful of those who surrender and try not to give them or their family identity away.

  10. I knew this girl back in the day, whenever she got excited you could definitely witness some flooooded pollution coming down her legs. Furthermore her name was kamala harris or something like this.

  11. Our only complaint about Mr. Yevgeny Prigozhin is that he is too much of a nice guy. He should never have returned the body of the CIA Terrorist! Like Bin Laden, the CIA terrorist should have been buried (disposed of like toxic waste garbage incinerated) at sea or like Hitler!

    There are CIA terrorists who are persecuting, abusing, torturing and murdering our peoples, they deserve no respect or mercy, let alone a dignified burial with full honors. Makes us very angry!

    With terrorists you can't be a nice guy!

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