• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: Vladimir Putin’s “Exceptional Attack” On Kyiv I Vantage with Palki Sharma Russia launched fierce aerial …


29 thoughts on “Russia Ukraine War: Vladimir Putin's "Exceptional Attack" On Kyiv I Vantage with Palki Sharma”
  1. Good hit kieve very well,till zelenskey flees,let them blame not and americans for escalating the war.shame on zelensky doing proxy war ignited by Israel and amricans in the expense of Ukrainians and European countries.
    Europeans should be careful not to crumble their economy

  2. India will never be a superpower with your oppressive religion (Hinduism). Until you remove the caste system and stop lynching people for eating beef you are doomed

  3. Palki Russia is fighting all NATO countries who are wedging the war against Russia and they are winning it Ukraine should have agreed to be neutral country instead of puppet government of the United States and that is the red line that Russia cannot accept on their borders

  4. What the Collective West is advocating for through pumping of the said lethal weapons to Ukraine is not achievable.
    Within a question of days, the arsenal will be whipped out together with large numbers of Ukrainian forces.
    The begin of the end.

  5. The USA is like the story, “The Lord of Flies” The enemy is within. The destruction of the USA will come from within. It’s time the USA focus on her people and her own affairs and stop wasting all her time on outside affairs.

  6. Hey! I'm an American. Don't count the USA down and out yet. Your good friends the "Russians" -they're not doing that great either these days. Times are hard all over…but USA always bounces back. Give it time.

  7. Exceptional attack this just proves Putin was paced for the war bonds to mature untill he saw what was going to be delivered he jumped up stopped the attack in it's tracks .

  8. Why do you call Lukashenko the last dictator in Europe? How about the presidents of the EU who no citizen has ever voted for and who are presidents despite how the peoples of EU vote in their respective nations? The whole EU is a dictatorship so Lukashenko is hardly the last, or the worst, if that is what you ment?

  9. Who is the US government scared of and in debt to, it's a scam the freemasonry political establishment has made the US people into slaves of the federal reserve and it's private Banks

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