• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

NATO member nations have committed to sending additional ammunition to aid Ukraine in its conflict against the Russian …


11 thoughts on “What Tanks And Other Equipment Are The World Giving To Ukraine”
  1. there's something i don't understand. Ukraine has recieved:
    – more than 500 tanks, including 45 T-72s from the US.
    – more than 600 IFVs, including 105 Bradleys from the US.
    – more than 200 self- propelled artillery, including 18 Paladins from the US.
    – 2 Patriot systems, including 1 from the US. Plus various European systems such as SAMP-T and IRIS-T.
    But somehow the US has donated more than everyone else combined?

  2. Its is wonderful to see our moronic and dementia ridding so called president going all out in trying to get us in to a major war with Russia and China. He is hell bent. Putin has already warned that if the US sends F16's to Ukraine then he would be forced to use tactical Nukes. What is happening here, why are we letting this Idiot of a man take us down this road. I am sorry but this is where the population control they talk about is going to come from. We are all f@cked… Thank Biden, go fall down again you creep.

  3. Afaik Sweden's donated 50 CV9040's, 10 Strv 122 (Leopard 2), Giraffe radars, Rb 17 (ground and maritime Hellfire missile), RBS90 (SHORAD), at least 15k AT4's, Carl-Gustaf's, 8(?) Archer artillery systems, complete MIM-23 HAWK systems, etc. I think also IRIS-T rockets (but no launchers) but don't quote me on that.

  4. Important thing to remember is that this is by no way an exhaustive list. They Ukrainians have a hodgepodge of artillery pieces in addition to those who have been sent. They also use technicals to great effect. The best thing to keep in mind is that the more and better equipment we send to Ukraine to give them every advantage possible the sooner this war is over.

    It might sound counter intuitive to say that the deadlier we make Ukrainian forces the fewer lives will be lost on both sides but that's the case. Ideally we increase their capabilities to the point where the threat from Ukrainians morivates Russians to execute a regime change and those who ascend to power are easier to work with and are more cooperative on the world stage.

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