• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

just happened! 17 Russian ships carrying 1500 tanks were destroyed by Ukrainian troops #ukraina #russia #arma3 #bayraktar …


9 thoughts on “just happened! 17 Russian ships carrying 1,500 tanks were destroyed by Ukrainian troops”
  1. I know this is a gameplay video supposedly from the news but I wonder why the Ukrainian forces are almost always on target with one shot to destroy assets of Russia on the decks of these ships but why is it that the ships themselves show no damage after shells planted right on their decks?

  2. I wish if the news is real .the aggressor after Hitler should be punished to save Europe frome falling into putin type autocrats and to save democracy .putin is day dreame of restoring the former user.and to become economically self reliant only when Ukraine is subdued. The tactics is similar to China policy .so india should be vigilant in Indian ocean and our boarders Russia will be neutral in india China conflict. Because USA and europe have various interests in our area we ought to have strong relations with USA europe and esrael who surrounded by religious fundamentalist nations around it ,their o ly interest only religious supremacy .we Indians are facing some problems in this regard .

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