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  • Ukraine War: What artillery is Russia using to make advances?

Ukraine War: What artillery is Russia using to make advances?

Former British Army Intelligence Officer and Chief Executive of McKenzie Intelligence, Forbes McKenzie takes us through what’s … source

Ukraine War: Kyiv uses drones to strike inside Russia

There has been a steady increase in Ukraine using UJ-22 armed drones to attack targets deep inside Russia. The latest drone … source

Ukraine War: Russian armoured vehicles destroyed, Ukrainian Brigade says

As many as eight Russian armoured vehicles, including five tanks, were destroyed in a single battle near Marinka in Ukraine’s … source

Russian forces hit by Ukrainian artillery near Vuhledar in Donetsk

Drone footage purports to show Russian tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles being blown up by mines or stopped in their … source

Ukraine War: Ukrainian artillery 'pound' Russian positions in the south

Sky’s Stuart Ramsay reports from the border between Mykolaiv and Kherson Oblasts where Ukrainians forces continue to stand … source

Ukraine War: Is the defence of Bakhmut a distraction?

Former senior military intelligence officer Philip Ingram joins Sky News to look at both Ukrainian and Russian strategies in the city … source

Ukraine War: Encircled Ukrainian troops begin withdrawal from Bakhmut

Sky News military analyst Professor Michael Clarke joins Tom Cheshire as they look at what appears to be the last hours of Kyiv’s … source

Ukraine War: Is Bakhmut about to fall to Russian forces?

Sky’s defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke looks at Bakhmut, which the Russian forces claim to have encircled. source