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  • Moment Russian high-precision strike 'destroys Ukrainian artillery battery'

Moment Russian high-precision strike 'destroys Ukrainian artillery battery'

THIS is the moment a Russian high-precision strike allegedly ‘destroys a Ukrainian artillery battery’ according to the Russian … source

Ukraine forces fire US howitzers to fight off Russians at Donetsk frontline

Ukraine forces fire howitzers at Russian troops in the Donetsk region on Monday, June 6th. The Ukrainian military has started to … source

Ukrainian soldiers fire US supplied M777 howitzer at Russian positions on Donbas frontline

Soldiers fire M-777 howitzers produced and supplied by the US. Ukrainian servicemen can be seen loading an artillery gun, … source

Ukrainian forces take out Russian targets with Howitzer units

UKRAINIAN forces target Russian positions in the Kharkiv region with self-propelled howitzer units. Ukrainian service … source

Russian soldier instantly REGRETS giving Ukraine drone the finger as base is destroyed

A Russian soldier instantly regrets giving a Ukrainian drone the finger moments before the area is blown to hell in massive … source

Ukraine forces use new American howitzers on Russian positions

Ukraine’s armed forces released a video on Sunday (May 15) saying it said showed servicemen firing new U.S. M-777 howitzers … source